Clean Eating – The 8 things clean eaters DO!

So here we go, clean eating, another diet plan guaranteed to help you lose 30kg in 30 days – right!


Unlike diet plans such as Paleo, Atkins, Tony Ferguson, Celebrity Slim, Michelle Bridges, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Body for Life, Dukan, South Beach, Cabbage, Grapefruit and Israeli Army (these are just a few!), clean eating does not specify a diet plan nor does it get you to count calories or even delete any food groups from your diet. Instead clean eating is all about going back to basics and eating as mother nature intended us to.

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Click on the video above to find out what clean eating is all about and what clean eaters do to fill their bodies with premium fuel.

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Hi it’s Claire from the Happiness Bank. Welcome to the clean eating blog this week. What the hell is clean eating I hear you say, well it is the latest catch phrase in the world of health, fitness and nutrition.

Everyone is talking about eating clean and that doesn’t mean washing your food before you eat it or even washing yourself. I love the concept of clean eating because it is not a diet or an eating plan and it is no about restricting or counting calories. It is all about a life style change that takes food back to the basics, it is all about being simple, natural and authentic.   So in an attempt to tell you what it is and this is my definition of it, let me reveal  eight things that many clean eaters do.

1. They eat unprocessed food which is food that hasn’t had a human or a machine add sugars or chemicals to it. So the food still contains its natural nutrients and whole grains. Basically it is food that doesn’t come out of a packet.

2. They eat food that is made up of fresh and if possible organic fruits and vegetables. That means shopping is done at the local markets or the outer perimeters of the supermarket where all the fresh and perishable food is.

3. Their meals are made up of plant based food rather than making meat the main attraction.

4. When they do eat meat and dairy they make sure these products come from free range and grass fed animals

5. Their food and beverages have no sugar added to them. So basically water is their beverage of choice or herbal teas.

6. They consume foods and drinks that don’t have a list of chemicals as long as your arm on their labels and that means absolutely no diet soft drinks or cordials.

7. They eat food that is cooked at home, whenever possible, using a steamer, baking in the oven, grilling or lightly sautéing. There is no deep frying and definitely no take away foods.

8. Lastly they eat fats derived from natural sources such as avocados, nuts and organic coconut oil.

Now before you groan and say how can I do all of the above, that would be literally impossible, let me tell you it is possible. Take baby steps at first and just introduce one change at a time such as takeaway just once a fortnight, or no sugar in your coffee, or swap your soft drinks for water or try eating meat just twice a week instead of seven days a week. If you do this you will start to see and feel the changes. Small changes can lead to huge gains. Implement this, serve smaller portion sizes, add some exercise and you will be putting your mind and body in the best possible position to be healthy and happy. Remember any positive action on you health and fitness equates to some big deposits in your happiness account.

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  1. What sensible advice this is. This is how I have survived over eighty years, ( some of which included junk food but not many) without gaining weight or seeking any medical treatments for any digestive,gastric or other health related issues pertaining to diet. The other important issue is the portion size!!. At least one has control over this with home prepared meals with FRESH ingredients .
    Goodonya Claire

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