Three little words that could change your life!

Am I hungry










This week’s blog is from a guest blogger Liz, a qualified dietitian/nutritionist from Brisbane.

Liz has a great blog called Simple. Real. Nutrition and I love it.

It is packed full of simple, healthy and yes colourful recipes along with some valuable nutrition advice.

Enjoy the bog below from Liz, it worked a treat with me!

Be happy, colour the world.


Three little words that could change your life!

It can take just three little words that can turn your life around. Yes, “I love you” can certainly turn your life around, but these aren’t the words I am thinking of.

The three little words I think can turn your life around are:

“Am I hungry?”

These three little words are extraordinarily powerful and, if used well, everyday, they have the power to completely turn your life and your health around.

Am I hungry

So it was 12.15pm on a Tuesday and I had a meeting from 12.30- 1.30pm (my usual lunching time), so I quickly shoved a sandwich in my mouth. Afterwards, I stopped to think, why did I just eat that? After running through a few scenarios in my head, the truth came out. I didn’t eat because I was hungry, I ate because I was scared I would be hungry during the meeting. Scared of being hungry. As if in the hour I was in the meeting the world’s food supply was suddenly going to dry up and I would no longer have access to a sandwich. How ridiculous.

So when you are preparing your next meal, whisper those three special little words to yourself, “am I hungry?”

I understand that putting this into practice is going to be quite a challenge for many of you, especially when you have little people to feed, but I challenge you to give it a go.  Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Ask yourself Am I Hungry? If the answer is ‘yes’, eat something healthy and delicious. If it is ‘no’, have a glass of water and keep on trucking through your day.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast, you may find your are not hungry first thing in the morning but it is important to eat something. So before you head out for the day, pack yourself something that you can eat a little later on. At the very least have a piece of fruit.
  3. If the answer to Am I Hungry? is ‘no’ but you are still responsible for preparing food for others prepare a meal for yourself and put it away for later.
  4. Sometimes we don’t feel hungry during the day because we have so many other things going on or we are under some stress, so we aren’t really paying attention to our body. If you realise you have gone 5-6 hours without food, take a minute for yourself and take a couple of deep breaths, step outside if you can and pay attention to any hunger cues your body might be giving you.

I am planning to spend this week really focusing on why I am eating and getting trying to let my body guide me a little more on when and how much I eat. I don’t expect it to be easy but I do expect it to be worthwhile.

Let me know if you stop and ask yourself am I hungry?’” and what your answer usually is.

When I stopped to think a bit more, I started to recall the many times I ate for multiple reasons, none of them being related to hunger. Most often I recalled eating just because it was dinner or lunch time and this was usually accompanied by the rationalisation that if I didn’t eat at that time I would be hungry later. Does this sound familiar to you?

Now don’t get me wrong, it is very important to eat regularly through the day to keep your metabolism pumping along and to help stop us from losing all self-control and bingeing on junk. For some us (me), eating regularly is also important to stabilise our moods as going hungry too long makes us hangry (hungry-angry).

But too often we eat purely out of habit and we never give our bodies the chance to feel hunger.

If we don’t know how it feels to be hungry, how can we expect to know how it feels to be full and therefore be able to stop eating when we have had enough.



  1. thanks for sharing my post Claire! I am thrilled you enjoy my blog so much 🙂
    hope you are enjoying your trip!!

  2. Good morning (your time) Claire,
    Thanks for sharing Liz’ blog with us. It’s a great column. I will definitely try “those three little words”. Will let you know if I succeed.

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