The ONE thing you NEED to know about eating healthy and losing weight

Shedding those extra kilos or should I say losing the extra fat off of your body does not have to be complicated. Yet the media has made it just that – complicated. I want to show how simple it can be, without having to count calories; without having to focus on carbs or protein; without […]

Really Enjoy Your Positiveness

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My healthy eating philosophy!

Have you ever wanted to lose some body fatĀ but just didn’t know where to start or who to turn to for some sensible, gimmick free advice? Then please press play below and have a listen to my philosophy on this hotly debated topic. Hopefully you will come away feeling less confused and have a clear […]

Three key things to maintain your wellbeing – part two

You have heard it all. To maintain your wellbeing you need to eat less, move your body more, avoid eating foods high in salt, sugar and fat and drink eight glasses of water a day. But wait I bet you haven’t heard about these 3 things, that if you do everyday could positively impact on […]

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