Why kindness is key!

I have always believed in kindness no matter what. Kindness to myself, to my family, to my friends, to other human beings and to animals as well. Sometimes I don’t get kindness right but I always strive to be kind and not right. Kindness goes hand in hand with compassion. The definition of compassion is […]

Rewire your brain for a happy 2018

It’s the third week of January and I am only just starting to feel ready for another year.  As I mentioned in my blog before Christmas, just because the date turns over to 1 January it doesn’t mean you wake up, instantly reenergized and ready for the New Year. In fact, I felt no different. […]

My top 12 learnings for 2017

For my final blog of the year I thought I would share with you my top 12 learnings for 2017. I love learning new things and constantly say to myself  “The day I stop learning is the day I stop living.”  Love of learning appears in my top five strengths and also my top five […]

How to move on when you make a mistake

Oh my goodness I stuffed up so bad the other week. It’s a great story to tell in hindsight but it wasn’t so great at the time. Over 100 people witnessed this mistake and I have never felt so embarrassed in my entire life. I could feel my face turning red, my heart starting to […]

Three tips to be happy at work

Are you happy at work or do you turn up every day wishing you could be somewhere else? My bet would be that most people would say “Claire, I wish I could be somewhere else!” It would certainly be my answer, but sometime it’s not possible to be somewhere else. Quit your job and follow […]

Is there something holding you back from happiness?

Last week I spent four wonderful days at a retreat run by Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener. I went on this retreat because there was something holding me back from happiness and I needed to create some mental space to explore what it was. For four days I was cocooned from the world, surrounded by […]

Happiness in turbulent times

It’s been about three months since I last wrote a blog. Such a sad and unhappy three months with many withdrawals made from my happiness account. I have always said that you have to be realistic about happiness. You can’t expect to be upbeat and joyful all of the time. To live a rich deep […]

I AM a somebody

  I shared a post on Facebook the other week. It was written by a somebody called Richard Branson and it was about happiness. It started like this… You don’t know me but I hear you are going through a tough time, and I would like to help you. I want to be open and […]

Fear and the little black book

I was on my regular 5.30am walk last week when I came upon a little black book. On this particular morning I decided to stop at three park benches in New Farm park to do some push ups, dips and squats. This is not something I usually do. I had just cancelled my gym membership […]

Why counting down sleeps is so important

Sometimes I am sure I get more happiness out of counting down sleeps to something, rather than experiencing the actual event itself! Have you ever felt that way, or am I just a bit weird? My son Daniel is getting married in Cancun on 26 April. Attendance requires seven days at an amazing beach resort by […]