Why exercise is NOT just about burning calories but more about eating healthy!

Why exercise is not just about burning calories

Many people think that exercising is all about burning calories so they can lose weight.

We are bombarded with TV commercials all declaring that their new fandangle piece of exercise equipment will melt your fat away by burning more calories.

Reality shows like The Biggest Loser are constantly driving contestants to the brink to ensure that they burn the maximum amount of calories at each training session.

Where ever you turn, what ever you read, the focus is all about how many calories you need to burn when you exercise in order to lose weight.

I always thought that there was no point in exercising unless I could burn 500 calories per session.

These days my thinking has changed.

I now know that losing weight has less to do with exercising and more to do with what I put in my mouth.

It doesn’t matter how often or how long I exercise, if I am not eating healthy and watching my portion sizes my weight won’t shift.

I also realized that the true benefit of exercise was how it made me feel. When I made a conscious effort to move my body it made me feel great and it put me in the right frame of mind to eat healthy. If I exercised in the morning, I would be less likely to over eat during the day and I would be less likely to eat food that wasn’t healthy.

This mind shift was a huge awakening for me because it changed the way I viewed exercise.

No longer was it about having a magical figure that I had to reach in order to feel good about myself. It was more about starting my day off feeling awesome and knowing that I was more likely to make better food choices that were going to make me healthier and happier in the long run.

As a personal trainer I say to my clients, ‘exercise is all about creating strong muscles and bones, it’s about keeping your heart healthy, it’s about maintaining balance and flexibility. It’s about making sure you are creating space in your mind for positive healthy thoughts.”

Recently I came across some research that had me doing high fives all over the place. There was now scientific evidence to back up my mind shift about exercise.

A study had been conducted on how exercise affects appetite. After walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes participants were shown pictures of take away food and healthy food. Lower brain wave responses were recorded when participants looked at the take away food compared to healthy food.

The conclusion –  exercise reduces the motivation to eat unhealthy food.

So the take home value from this is;

  1. Try and exercise in the morning so you can set your day up for some healthy eating
  2. Ditch the calorie burning mind set and just get out and move your body, knowing that it will help you make better food choices
  3. View exercise as a holistic experience that nurtures your mind, body and soul

 Be happy, colour the world.



  1. I always say that I exercise for my heart… I need it to be strong and to keep on pumping for me. I do agree that it’s great to exercise first thing… I know this as I haven’t this week, keep meaning to do it in themiddle of the day and it never happens!!

    • Great to hear from you Seana. I am definitely an early morning exerciser and I know what you mean about not getting around to it, if you miss your morning session. For some reason I always come up with an excuse not to do it in the afternoon!If you do it first thing in the morning then it is done and dusted for the day and you feel so much better for it.

  2. Jen Finch says

    No wonder we have been friends for over 40 years. We think very much alike. Want to go for a bike ride tomorrow morning?

  3. Awesome right up Claire! Love the way you think!

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