Happiness is hard!

I haven’t written a blog for a very long time, in fact I think my last blog was in 2017! I decided to give it a rest for a while as I never wanted to force my writing. Instead I wanted to write when I felt inspired or I had something to share. This morning […]

Whats your perfect day?

I often to talk about putting deposits into your happiness account in order to build a sustainable foundation of happiness. Planning and executing your perfect day is one of the best ways to to do this.  When you are doing the things that you love you create positive emotions, which in turn help your brain […]

My ten days of golden silence

“What? Ten days of silence without talking to anyone! You have got to be kidding me. There is no way I could do that!” That was the main response I received from friends and family when I told them I was off to participate in a ten day silence retreat. To me it was a […]

Four simple words to lose weight

Ok I will admit it, I am an overweight middle aged woman and I need to lose weight. Ooh that is a bit painful to read on the screen. Did I really write that! Yes I did and unfortunately the truth really hurts. My waist circumference has gradually been increasing for a number of years […]

Who are you?

Someone once asked me “who are you?” I launched into a familiar response of what I did. I said I worked as the Business Manager for a professional speaker, I was married with two boys and I lived in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. The person quickly stopped me and said no, I don’t want […]

The magical power of Pub Choir

I witnessed joy in action last week. I was amongst a crowd of 800 people all out on a school night with one thing in common; the willingness to open their sound hole (that’s ‘Pub Choir’ speak for mouth) and sing. For two hours straight I laughed so hard and sung so loud that my […]

Why your vagus nerve is crucial to your wellbeing

Did you know that you have this amazing bundle of nerves originating at the top of your spinal chord called the vagus nerve? This nerve is sometimes referred to as the care taking nerve and is one of the great mind-body nexuses in the human nervous system. The vagus nerve wanders through your body (vagus […]

Why staying connected is so vital to happiness

I was listening to ABC radio conversations this week on my way to give a happiness presentation to the staff at Cancer Council Queensland (CCQ). It was so ironic because ABC journalist Sarah Kanowski was chatting to Hugh Mackay a social researcher. The topic of conversation was how the state of the nation begins in […]

Where the wild things are

The phrase ‘Where the wild things are’ popped into my mind this morning as I walked along a path unknown. I giggled to myself because I am so not wild and I rarely go anywhere adventurous. ‘Where the wild things are’ is a wonderful children’s book that I read to my boys over and over […]

Perfectionism the art of unhappiness

I am sure that in some small way everyone has a bit of perfectionism inside of them. However, some of us have perfectionism installed in us in a BIG way and I’m telling you it’s a sure way too unhappiness. For a long time I have been trying to cure myself of the need for […]