Headspace needed urgently!

Have you ever wanted to take off your head so you could give yourself some space to breathe and just be? To be without the unrelenting chatter and thoughts that clutter up your mind and threaten to send you around the twist. It’s called creating headspace. My head is always filled with ‘stuff’ which I know […]

Stand up and honour who you are

I went to see Matilda the Musical in Sydney on Boxing Day and I was so disappointed. Not with the musical itself; it was the most brilliant, entertaining, engaging and creative musical I have ever seen (you must see it, if you ever get the chance). The disappointment lied squarely with me. Why? Because I […]

Invest in your happiness

Last weekend I presented a happiness talk called ‘Building your happiness bank’ to 160 people at a one-day conference. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to remind people that happiness is not something they have to chase. It’s already there deep inside them, just waiting to be nurtured. Many people think that they […]

Happiness First Aid

Five tips to get rid of the grumps! Have you ever woken up feeling grumpy? Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself “I don’t want to play today?” If so, it’s time for some happiness first aid. The definition of first aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. […]

12 Personal Commitments to Create a Happier You!

Do you really know who you are and what you stand for, or is your life defined by what job you have and what things you own? A few years ago I was asked  who I was and I started to respond with details of my current job and what position I held. I was […]

Friendship of the 50th Cap

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom – Marcel Proust I turned 50 on Boxing Day last year! Yes the big five ohhh and I was presented with the most valuable gift of all, the gift of friendship. This gift came in the […]

It makes me happy when…

This is my last video blog for 2013 so I thought I would make it fun and light hearted. I asked my family and friends this question; It makes me happy when…? They had to finish off the sentence and the result was a montage of responses that showcased how the little things in life […]

Happiness is…

This week’s offering is a little bit of inspiration from me to you. No intense concentration is needed, no deep thinking, just two minutes out of your day to sit back, listen and enjoy. Just click on the video below to find out what true happiness is. Hopefully it will put a smile on your […]

Invest in your happiness – 5 top deposits (part 2)

Last week I gave you my first top 5 deposits to add to your happiness bank account in order to create a sustainable base of happiness. This week I have 5 more deposits that will help you build on your happiness, so that when you hit a tough spot you will have a great foundation […]

Invest in your happiness – 5 top deposits (part 1)

Happiness is a moving target. It ebbs and flows as Father Time marches on. Sometimes you have a great sense of wellbeing and at other times you can feel like you are balancing on a tightrope just knowing you could go either way. There are certainly no guarantees in life, but what I do know […]