Your chair is slowly KILLING you!

I have always prided myself on being a fit and active person

I get up nearly every single morning and do my one hour of exercise.

It wasn’t until I read a recent article on how are chairs could be killing us that I realised I had this wrong!

My close relationship with my chair could have the potential to kill me if I don’t take action now.

This was a real eye opener for me.

So if you are game click on the video below and find out if your chair could be slowly killing you too.


So what is the verdict? Do you sit down for the majority of your waking hours? If so how are you going to reverse this situation?

Share your thoughts below and help others to get up off their bums!

Be happy, colour the world.




  1. Joanna Evans says

    Hi Claire – I love all your informative and helpful presentations. I particularly liked this one – being in a job which spends a lot of time “seated” this was very relevant to me – I will certainly endeavour to put your ideas and hints to good use! keep up the great work – I love your work!

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