The ONE thing you NEED to know about eating healthy and losing weight

Shedding those extra kilos or should I say losing the extra fat off of your body does not have to be complicated. Yet the media has made it just that – complicated.

I want to show how simple it can be, without having to count calories; without having to focus on carbs or protein; without having to go on the latest detox diet and without having to starve yourself to death.

Now notice how I said simple not easy!

Yes it is simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. I don’t think losing body fat and easy can go together comfortably in the same sentence. That said, anything that is worthwhile doing and has amazing benefits attached to it, will require a bit of effort. The great thing is, that if it is simple then you at least have a massive head start to acquiring success.

Press play and sit back to learn about the ONE thing that you need you need to know, to eat healthy and to lose body fat.


What did you think, did it make sense and was it simple to grasp.

Please let me know if this could change the way you eat, or is this something you do already.

Leave your comments below and remember to share it with your friends if you found it of value.

Embrace life, be happy.



  1. Jeanette Grant says

    Great tips I will try harder to think about that all the time about beige food

  2. Felicity says

    Great post, your happiness is infectious. Thanks for sharing this information Claire!

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