Good posture – a vital component of happiness!

Good posture








Did you know that the state of your posture can have a profound effect on your happiness?

Research has proven that if you stand tall, open your chest up and pull your shoulders back you will be healthier, more confident and yes happier!

Good posture however, is something that many of us over look.

In the busyness of our lives we forget about sitting properly, walking correctly and standing tall.

Technology and our sedentary lives has played havoc on our posture and now many of us our paying the price with skeletal injuries, chronic back pain and range of other illnesses, all of which impact on happiness.

Please take the time this week to check out my video blog on posture 101.

You will come away with four vital things that you can put in place straight away to maintain great posture.

Can I encourage you to put your posture at the forefront of your mind. It really does impact immensely  on  the quality of your health and happiness.

When ever you get the chance, check in on how you are standing, how you are sitting and how you are walking and make the necessary adjustments to correct your posture. Just the slightest re-alignment can make a huge difference.

Be happy, stand tall and colour the world.



  1. good job mate! you worked hard before you left. I am forever teaching my clients this! like you i had an aha moment at the gym about a year ago. After a year of extreme stress my body had caved in on itself. I didn’t realise till a fellow trainer I had not seen in a while pointed it out.

    • Thanks Jen, you obviously know how much time goes into blogging! Awesome to know that you place as much importance on posture as me. As usual great minds think alike.

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