Happiness is…

Happiness is...

This week’s offering is a little bit of inspiration from me to you.

No intense concentration is needed, no deep thinking, just two minutes out of your day to sit back, listen and enjoy.

Just click on the video below to find out what true happiness is.

Hopefully it will put a smile on your face and some love in your heart.

If you enjoyed it please share it with your friends and post your comments below.

Be happy, colour the world.


Happiness Is – Transcript

Happiness is…

A catch up with girlfriends, it’s food for the soul

It’s a heart full of love, it makes you feel whole

It’s seeing the beauty when you get out of your head

Living in the moment and being present instead

It’s being realistic and grounded and accepting life’s pain

Knowing that rainbows will come after rain

It’s giving to others in your own special way

Just a smile on your face can make someone’s day

It’s putting aside ego and digging deep in your heart

To forgive and be fearless and to make a new start

For when you begin you will soon start to see

That love and compassion will set your soul free

Happiness is real, it’s full of colour and light

It’s not a concept that is just black and white

It ebbs and it flows, it creates and delights

And it’s there if you choose to keep following the light

If there is one small thing that you can do right away

It’s to give thanks and be grateful for this one special day

Put love in your heart, then give and receive

For happiness is yours if you choose to believe.

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