How to get involved with Project Happy Rock

The Law of Cause and Effect states that what ever you send out into the universe comes back to you!

So why not paint some happy rocks and send some happiness out into the universe!

Project happy rock

Painting rocks is so easy and so much fun. Every single one of us is an artist in our own way. Your happy rocks are an expression of who you are and are perfect in what ever way they come out.

To get started you obviously need some rocks and some paints. That’s about it really.

The beach or by a river or creek is the best place to find naturally smooth rocks. However if you are having trouble finding some most landscaping stores will have a range of rocks that you can choose from. Most come in 20kg bags though! (that’s a lot of rock painting).

Project happy rock Project happy rock

Recommended paints to use

POSCA extra fine tips PC-1M bullet shaped 0.7mm

You can purchase a 14 colour bundle for AUD $41.30 online at POSCART.

I also bought some acrylic paints from a craft store to paint the surface of larger rocks with a paint brush. The ones I purchased were REEVES set of 12 artist colours.

Clear gloss spray paint from Bunnings (Rust-Oleum 2X Untra Cover Gloss Clear $12) to seal your artwork

project happy rock

Artwork inspiration

If you want some ideas of what creations to paint on your rocks, Pinterest or Instagram are great for inspiration.

Sharing your happy rocks

If you would like to share you happy rocks and spread some joy, simply leave them around your community for someone to find.

If you would like to keep the ripple of happiness flowing and encourage your finders to pay it forward write Project Happy Rock on the back of your rock. That way if your finder would like to know more about where your rock came from they can google Project Happy Rock which will direct them to the Happiness Bank web page where they can read all about it.

Project Happy Rock

Feel free to post a picture of your happy rock creation on the Happiness Bank FB page or post to your Instagram page with #projecthappyrock

Have fun creating and spreading happiness.

Be happy, colour the world.