About Happy Art

The story behind Happy Art by Claire Massingham


In a nutshell

As a child I loved colouring in and art was my favourite subject. I would often enter in colouring in competitions and I would spend ages on creating colourful title pages for all of my school work books. My art was always very organised and detailed. Everything had to be coloured in meticulously and I loved bold bright colours with clean lines.

It wasn’t until recently that I realised my art reflects my Whole Brain Thinking profile. I have a strong preference for organisation and detail. I process information methodically and I like everything just so. I also have a strong preference for being interpersonal, warm and friendly. When I look at the art I create, these preferences are reflected in every piece. My designs are very detailed, with clean cut lines, block colours that are often bold and bright depicting an air of vibrancy and friendliness.

Being a Capricorn I also love all of the earthy colours such as pale greens, subtle yellows, browns and warm whites. So you will also find a range of more subtle peaceful designs.

Most of my art is dot art because I love how precise each dot is. I can place each dot exactly where I want it and the colour comes out bold and even. My work colleagues have a giggle at me saying they have never seen such creative organised artist!

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Rock Painting

My obsession with rocks

As a child I had an obsession with collecting rocks. I loved rocks of all kinds whether they were garden rocks, beach rocks, gem stones, granite, slate or quartz. I didn’t care what they were I was just fascinated with them. I am amazed I didn’t end up being a geologist!

I remember having a special wooden box for my rocks. The box had individual compartments in it so I placed cotton wool in each compartment and lovingly nestled my rocks in each one. I would often get out my box and just stare at my beautiful collection.

I loved colouring in

I also loved colouring in as a child. I had numerous colouring books and my set of Fabre Castell colouring pens were never far from my side. I entered into colouring competition on a regular basis and would often win them. I also went through the craze of Hobbytex. Are you old enough to remember that craze! Oh how I loved colouring in the designs on t-shirts, table cloths, tea towels and handkerchiefs. I was beside myself with excitement when mum said I could buy a new paint colour or a new design to colour in.

It’s no wonder then that I have embraced and immersed myself in the latest craze of painting rocks.

I haven’t drawn or painted anything since I was a child and it was during a retreat in Noosa in Oct 2017 that I was encouraged to tap into my creativity more. So during the 2017-2018 Christmas break I set myself the project of painting rocks.

The result was a whole lot of joy and a whole lot of happy rocks.

Fairy door Ruth loves WesHappy rocks

Sharing my happy rocks

Inspired by The Abundant Love Project and also as a flow on from Project Happy Letter I decided that I would share my happy rocks with others by placing them around the community for people to find and keep.

Happy rocks are my way of spreading happiness and sharing my love of creating with the world.

If you happen to find a happy rock please feel free to keep it. Hopefully it will be a reminder to you to keep colouring the world with your happiness.

If you feel so inclined I would love you to post a picture of your happy rock find on either my FaceBook page or to your Instagram page and mark it with #projecthappyrock. It’s a wonderful way to keep the happiness vibes flowing.

Be happy, colour the world.