Hate exercising? Two tips to get you moving!

Hate exercising

We all know that we need to move our bodies to stay healthy and happy but what do you do if you hate exercising?

When you dislike something it is very hard to make yourself do it, yet alone keep doing it.

Exercise is one of those things that takes time, effort, energy and mental application.

There are some people who love doing it and some people like me who don’t enjoy it at all.

If you hate exercising or find it hard to stay motivated to exercise watch the video below for two tips that if you put into action straight away will have you up and moving before you know it.

Even though I don’t enjoy exercise, I am passionate about incorporating it into my life every single day.

Keeping healthy and happy is one of my core values so it is really important that I do what ever I can to keep moving.

How do you feel about exercising are you a lover or a hater?

Be happy, colour the world.


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