Perfectionism the art of unhappiness


I am sure that in some small way everyone has a bit of perfectionism inside of them. However, some of us have perfectionism installed in us in a BIG way and I’m telling you it’s a sure way too unhappiness.

For a long time I have been trying to cure myself of the need for everything to be perfect. I have written about perfectionism before but I feel the need to revisit it because it can really be a hindrance to your happiness.

Rock painting has become my new source of joy

I love everything about painting rocks except for my annoyance with myself when my rock doesn’t come out perfect! And here in lies the problem with being a perfectionist. What should be a joyful activity sometimes ends up with an unhappy outcome.

For example take this panda bear that I painted a few days ago.


I was so excited to try and recreate this painted rock that I found on Pinterest (that’s where I get most of my rock painting creations from). But I was so unhappy with the outcome because panda bear was not perfect. He looked like he had been painted by a child. He was out of proportion, his bum hung too low, his feet weren’t symmetrical and his eyes were all screwy! I was so disappointed with my efforts and my mean voice had a field day. “So Claire did you really think you were an artist! Come on, you know you can’t draw for quids; what did you expect. You can’t even come up with original ideas. You have to copy everything off Pinterest just to create your rocks.”

I sat with those thoughts for a few days and they were uncomfortable. But the good news is I am onto this mean voice and my need for perfectionism. Just give me a few days to mull over it and I will rise above it.

My epiphany

On one of my morning walks which is where I let my brain hang out and I let creativity seep in, I had a little epiphany. A warm loving voice popped into my head and it said “Claire, that Panda Bear is a creation from your heart. Even though you copied it, it still has your stamp on it. It was your hands that painted it, your heart that motivated you to do it and it is as perfect as you are. Every little nuance on that rock that you think is imperfect is perfect in it’s own right because it is something that YOU created. Any creation that comes from your heart is absolutely perfect”

A big grin spread over my face and I felt joy move inside of me.

When you feel joy you know it is your soul speaking to you.

I have just finished reading a book that I will treasure forever. It has changed my perspective on many things. I am sure this was the driving force behind my epiphany. The book is called ‘Dying to Be Me’ by Anita Moorjani.

The main message from the book is there is nothing in this world that you have to DO. You are here to BE YOU. You are magnificent, you are made of love and to be happy you need to love yourself first. When you realize you are love, you create the most amazing ripple of happiness throughout the universe.

How to cure yourself of perfectionism

Perfectionsim is a construct I have made up in my mind about how I think things should be, based on what others have told me throughout my 54 years on this planet. I can look at that panda bear rock through this perfectionistic lens and tell myself that it sucks. Or I can look at is with all of my other senses including my sixth sense and know in my heart it is perfect because it was created by love.

Whenever perfectionism threatens to overpower your happiness, gently remind yourself of how magnificent you truly are. In the big picture does it really matter that panda bear’s bum is out of proportion, I don’t think so. That rock was made with love, from love and is love. You can’t get anymore perfect than that.

Be happy, colour the world.




  1. Well said, Claire. Definitely something I struggle with – especially since my mantra for this year is “Embrace Imperfection.” I’m working on seeing the beauty in imperfection and realizing that I am the one labeling these things – so I can be the one to change my feelings about them. Thanks for the great blog post.

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