The real definition of success

Real definition of success

Tuesday 16 December is the annual Christmas bake off at my work. We had the inaugural bake off last Christmas and it was such a success that we all decided we should do it again this year. The creations that people came up with were amazing and the bar was set high. So this year I decided I was up for the challenge, I was going to get in the game and come up with something that nobody else would think of.

Real definition of success

Last week people were asking each other “so what are you going to bake this year.” Everyone was getting ideas and trying to come up with something different.

Of course Google Images and Pinterest were the most popular places for inspiration but I wanted to come up with my very own creation, so I set my mind to work. It not only had to look good but it also had to taste yummy.

I decided I would make my famous old fashioned lemon coconut slice that everyone loves. I would use it as the foundation and try to adapt it so it looked Christmassy.

My idea was to make the base quite thin so I could cut out Christmas trees and decorate them with green icing and little coloured balls. I spent ages planning how I would do it and not once did I contemplate that it wouldn’t work.

So today I spent the day putting my creation together and to my horror it was a spectacular failure.

The slice stuck like glue to the cookie cutter and when I tried to prize it out, it all crumbled into little bits. Next I tried to cut the shape out with a knife but again it just crumbled. I then tried cutting out a star shape but each of the points of the star just broke off. In the end, with my kitchen looking like a bomb had gone off in it, I conceded defeat and ended up throwing most of it away.

What I had left was a few misshapen stars and a lot of little bits of slice cut offs.

Real definition of success

Disheartened and frustrated I sat down and thought about what to do next.

Do I try and make something completely different to salvage my pride or do I swallow my ego and take in what I have made.

I contemplated it for a while until a little voice popped into my head and said Claire, “Success is not about the outcome it’s about having the courage just to show up!”

Did I have the courage to show up with my less than perfect creation and still feel like a success?

Could I swallow my pride and proudly say to everyone here is my offering today. It looks like a whole lot of crumbled slice, it is a whole lot of crumble slice but I showed up, I made the effort and even though it doesn’t look pretty it actually tastes quite ok!

So the decision has been made.

I will turn up at work tomorrow with my unusual creation. I could be the laughing stock of the office and I will most probably be awarded the wooden spoon for last place. But I am going to put my ego aside, reach down into that place in my heart called love and say to myself “what an awesome job you did Claire, you had the courage to show up and that is the real definition of success.”

Be happy, colour the world.



  1. Hey Claire, your little tale made me smile – thanks for sharing. Next time something like that happens to me I am going to follow your lead!!!


    • Jo, so glad you liked my little tale. The stories I made up in my head about people laughing at my odd creation and getting the wooden spoon award didn’t eventuate at all. I had made a mountain out of a mole hill so I am glad I decided to show up! I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Thanks heaps for sharing.

  2. Keep showing up Claire…I love your messages!!

    Happy Christmas,

    Vicki xx

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