One on One

This one on one Whole Brain® Thinking session is designed to help you to:

  • Get on with people who are not like you?
  • Understand why you think a certain way?
  • Be more productive, solve problems more effectively and communicate more efficiently?
  • Be happier?

Based on a learning tool called Whole Brain® Thinking you will come away from this coaching session with a clear understanding of why you think a certain way and how you can apply this to all areas of your life to become a happier person.

What is involved in this session?

Whole Brain® Thinking is a 90 minute one on one coaching session aimed at providing you with a thorough understanding of the way you think. You will learn how to practically apply this information to help you connect more effectively with others and to build lasting positive relationships. It is conducted using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) a scientifically proven method for measuring your preferred thinking style.

Connecting with others and building positive relationships is one of the key foundations to sustainable happiness. However sometimes building great relationships are easier said than done particularly when you meet people who don’t think the way that you do.

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew that you weren’t going to get on!

Well that is ok as long as you are never going to meet them again. But what happens if this person is someone that you have to interact with on a daily or weekly basis. That could mean trouble.

Often when you find it hard to connect with someone it is because you both have a different way of thinking. If you are aware of this and have a good understanding of the way you think and behave then you will have a much greater chance of getting along with this person and building a positive relationship.

Claire from the Happiness Bank can help you to gain a greater understanding of the way you think using Whole Brain® Thinking and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument HBDI®.

This information will help you to release self-limiting thinking that can stifle your productivity, innovation, personal and business growth and most of all stifle YOU being the best person that you can be. All of which leads to unhappiness.

What is Whole Brain® Thinking

Whole Brain® Thinking  is based on Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking model. It focuses on showing you how to use you whole brain—not just the parts with which you feel most comfortable. It is scientifically designed to help you learn to think better.

By understanding how you think you will be able to communicate more effectively, maximise your abilities, problem solve more effectively and basically get on with people who are not like you.

This will increases your happiness and help you to achieve success.

At the core of Whole Brain® Thinking is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®)—the worldwide standard for measuring thinking preferences and brain dominance.

What are thinking preferences?

Thinking preferences have an impact on virtually everything you do, including communication, decision making, problem solving and managing styles.

Understanding your thinking style preferences will give you a new perspective of yourself and people you deal with everyday.

What is the HBDI

Whole brain thinking

The HBDI is an on-line profile.  It will take you 25-30 minutes to complete a questionnaire which then generates a graphic, four quadrant profile of your thinking preferences.

This profile will then be given to you and explained during a 90 minute debriefing session.

You will come away from this session with:

  • A thorough understanding of the way that you think, including how you think under pressure
  • An understanding of how your thinking preferences impact on the way that you learn, communicate and problem solve
  • The ability to pick up on clues about how other people think
  • The ability to talk the language of someone who does not think like you do
  • An increased self awareness of who you are which will give you a greater sense of meaning and purpose

All this will help you to build a solid base of sustainable happiness.

Happiness equals success!

Your investment

$280.00 which includes your profile pack and a 90 minute debrief session.

For more information please contact Claire on 0406 393 845 or alternatively fill in the on-line contact form and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.