Four simple words to lose weight

Ok I will admit it, I am an overweight middle aged woman and I need to lose weight. Ooh that is a bit painful to read on the screen. Did I really write that! Yes I did and unfortunately the truth really hurts. My waist circumference has gradually been increasing for a number of years […]

Three little words that could change your life!

                  This week’s blog is from a guest blogger Liz, a qualified dietitian/nutritionist from Brisbane. Liz has a great blog called Simple. Real. Nutrition and I love it. It is packed full of simple, healthy and yes colourful recipes along with some valuable nutrition advice. Enjoy the […]

Clean Eating – The 8 things clean eaters DO!

So here we go, clean eating,Ā another diet plan guaranteed to help you lose 30kg in 30 days – right! Wrong! Unlike diet plans such as Paleo, Atkins, Tony Ferguson, Celebrity Slim, Michelle Bridges, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Body for Life, Dukan, South Beach, Cabbage, Grapefruit and Israeli Army (these are just a few!), clean eating […]