The 10 minute rule

The 10 minute rule is one that I obey every single day. This rule is one of the key things that gets me out of bed every morning. With out this rule I know I would be not be the happy healthy person I am today. To find out more about the 10 minute rule […]

Radio 99.7 Saturday 15 November 2014

In this week’s health and happiness hour we discuss the following topics: The 5/2 diet – what is it, what are the benefits and should you follow it Happiness and holidays – are holidays the key to happiness Believing in yourself – is this important and why should you do it Be happy, colour the […]

My Number One Tip to Living Longer and Being Happier

There is a growing body of evidence that you just can’t ignore; the more consistently you move your body every single day the more you reduce your morbidity and mortality. What’s even more important though is that whilst you are increasing your time on this planet, through regular exercise, you are also increasing the quality […]

Hate exercising? Two tips to get you moving!

We all know that we need to move our bodies to stay healthy and happy but what do you do if you hate exercising? When you dislike something it is very hard to make yourself do it, yet alone keep doing it. Exercise is one of those things that takes time, effort, energy and mental application. […]

Good posture – a vital component of happiness!

              Did you know that the state of your posture can have a profound effect on your happiness? Research has proven that if you stand tall, open your chest up and pull your shoulders back you will be healthier, more confident and yes happier! Good posture however, is something […]

My Happiness Hero

“It is not the critic who counts…the credit belongs to those in the arena…who at best know in the end the triumph of high achievement; and at worst, if they fail while daring greatly; so that their place shall never be with those timid souls who knew neither victory or defeat” Theodore Roosevelt It’s 4.30am […]

Why exercise is NOT just about burning calories but more about eating healthy!

Many people think that exercising is all about burning calories so they can lose weight. We are bombarded with TV commercials all declaring that their new fandangle piece of exercise equipment will melt your fat away by burning more calories. Reality shows like The Biggest Loser are constantly driving contestants to the brink to ensure […]

Exercise can be bad for you!

Did you know that exercise can be bad for you? Well it can be and it is important to know when this is the case. Your body is under stress all day.  Chemicals such as Adrenaline, Norepinephrine and Cortisol are constantly being released into your blood stream. This cocktail of chemicals was useful back in […]

Clean Eating – The 8 things clean eaters DO!

So here we go, clean eating, another diet plan guaranteed to help you lose 30kg in 30 days – right! Wrong! Unlike diet plans such as Paleo, Atkins, Tony Ferguson, Celebrity Slim, Michelle Bridges, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Body for Life, Dukan, South Beach, Cabbage, Grapefruit and Israeli Army (these are just a few!), clean eating […]

The 5 things that fit and healthy people DON’T do!

There is no quick fix or magic pill that is going to make you fit and healthy! If you ever hear any of these catch phrases; Fat that will just melt away Lose 5kg in one week Lose weight while you sleep Lose weight without exercising Washboard abs in 7 days Cellulite that disappears Then […]