How to move on when you make a mistake

Oh my goodness I stuffed up so bad the other week. It’s a great story to tell in hindsight but it wasn’t so great at the time. Over 100 people witnessed this mistake and I have never felt so embarrassed in my entire life. I could feel my face turning red, my heart starting to […]

Three tips to be happy at work

Are you happy at work or do you turn up every day wishing you could be somewhere else? My bet would be that most people would say “Claire, I wish I could be somewhere else!” It would certainly be my answer, but sometime it’s not possible to be somewhere else. Quit your job and follow […]

Is there something holding you back from happiness?

Last week I spent four wonderful days at a retreat run by Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener. I went on this retreat because there was something holding me back from happiness and I needed to create some mental space to explore what it was. For four days I was cocooned from the world, surrounded by […]

Happiness in turbulent times

It’s been about three months since I last wrote a blog. Such a sad and unhappy three months with many withdrawals made from my happiness account. I have always said that you have to be realistic about happiness. You can’t expect to be upbeat and joyful all of the time. To live a rich deep […]

Happiness lessons from an orchid plant

I know I blogged about my orchid plant last year but I just have to do it again. This little plant continues to intrigue me! To fill you in on the picture, last November I wrote a blog called ‘Never Give Up On Happiness’. The star of this particular blog was my orchid plant. I had […]

Happy New Year or was it!

It’s that time of the year where everyone (including me) starts off a conversation or an email with “Happy New Year, I hope you had a great Christmas and are relaxed and ready to launch into 2017!” Or some version of that greeting. The short period of two weeks over the Christmas break always intrigues […]

The 10 minute rule

The 10 minute rule is one that I obey every single day. This rule is one of the key things that gets me out of bed every morning. With out this rule I know I would be not be the happy healthy person I am today. To find out more about the 10 minute rule […]

A painful reminder on gratitude

Sometimes it takes a painful reminder to stop you in your tracks. To make you realise how lucky you are and how grateful you need to be for the simple things in life we often take for granted. I had one of those reminders last week! Transcript – A painful reminder on gratitude Hi everyone, Claire here […]

For more happiness be hopeful

Have you ever wanted to feel hopeful but were too scared to incase you were let down. I used to think like that, until one day a girlfriend at work put a whole new spin on being hopeful. Nic had been for a job interview and was waiting patiently for the outcome. One week later […]

To touch is to give life

When I was a little person and even into my teenage years I would always kiss mum and dad goodnight before I went to bed. I had no hesitation in kissing my mum. Her skin was soft, her cheeks plump and warm and she welcomed my touch with open arms. My dad on the other […]